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We love video games so much that we've made them our profession!

Abylight is a well known and solid video game company who strives for excellenceinnovation and creativity. We're located in sunny Barcelona since 2004 (yep, not a typo).

This is our spirit: we make impossible things, amazing.

Our latest accomplishments have been the successful development and publishing of “Hyper Light Drifter - Special Edition” on Switch, giving support to Yoyo Games on the adaptation of their engine GameMaker to the platform, and on iOS, where the game won Best Game of the Year 2019 for iPad.

Abylight has developed the one and only 3D full independent video game for the Apple Watch, where Engine, Tools and other development systems had to be implemented prior to the creation and subsequent launch of the game: “Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear”.

Mind you, the hardware only has 50MB of RAM available for game and engine. One year after its launch, it continues to be at the front of the WatchOS App Store unchallenged. 

Abylight ported to Nintendo 3DS the whole GameMaker Engine in order to publish “Cursed Castilla” - “Maldita Castilla EX” as Yoyo Games (owner and dev of the Engine) doesn’t support the platform. 

Our most ambitious game to date: “RC Club - AR Motorsports”, a F2P game where you have to build your own remote controlled car so you can drive it in the real world (best used now on iPAD Pro 2020). The most remarkable challenges accomplished: RC is the best AR game in the market, most realistic, most innovative, better executed, full game experience. The game will continue growing, expanding and supporting more advanced technology and game features. 

This is why we are looking for a Senior Video Game Programmer, we are looking for that bright mind that will continue working with us on the further development of RC Club and all the other crazy new stuff that our imagination sets up for us.

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