Web App or UI Designer

Posted: 67 days ago
Note: This job has expired. Please do not apply!

Are you a designer who gets excited by the idea of working on applications that are used by hundreds of thousands of users? Do you strive to deliver user-centered solutions while writing error-free code? Can you distill complex, logical workflows into effortless and intuitive experiences?

If so, we’d like you to learn about Files.com! We’re building a cloud storage service with an advanced featureset that helps businesses boost their productivity. And to us, the UI is absolutely key to its success.

Our primary app is driven by a modern frontend React stack that communicates with our API. In this position, you will often be tasked with analyzing API data structures and providing corresponding user interfaces, in the form of either Figma mockups or a git branch of our React repository.

As a UI/UX designer for our company, you will build and improve world-class products and services by utilizing a blend of industry-standard and cutting-edge tools.

We are looking for experienced designers with a strong technical background and have experience working directly in code. You will be expected to follow—and evolve—conventions of interface design, pattern consistency, coding standards, accessibility, and more.

In short, you will a member of a team responsible for the public perception of our product and its marketing materials. On a day-to-day basis, you will likely be doing a combination of the following:

  • Evaluating feature requests and working cross-team to determine value and prioritization

  • Creating user flows and UI optimizations in prototyping software like Figma

  • Reviewing engineer-created git branches for design and accessibility standards

  • Resolving design-related issues in the app and marketing site by writing JSX and advanced CSS directly in a branch

  • Documenting component-level UI in our Storybook.js-powered component library

  • Auditing the frontend web app to ensure quality and consistency, and opening issues where appropriate

  • Working with other teams to optimize workflows and tools

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of directly applicable experience.

  • Professional experience with contemporary web development practices (version management via git, local and staging development environments, etc.)

  • Portfolio of sample projects highlighting design for web-based applications, mobile applications, and/or consumer-facing websites.

  • Comprehensive understanding of CSS (including PostCSS and SCSS), including browser compatibility and best practices for overall CSS structuring.

Preferred Qualificiations:

  • Ability to code from scratch using contemporary standards of HTML and Javascript (JSX/ES6).

  • Experience working on heavily trafficked web and mobile applications.

  • Experience working with screen readers and accessibility compliance standards.

  • Previous work with a SaaS company.

  • Contributions to major open source projects

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